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Life In Progress

I'm back with a new app, Life In Progress! I teamed up with my friends Michelle (she also worked with me on Counter Attack Therapy), Joey and Neeha to develop the app as part of RMIT Creative Wellbeing Festival 2021.

Life In Progress is a habit tracking app that gamifies your life with a planner. With this app, you can:

  • Keep track of your daily feelings, hygiene and hydration (yes, I've learned this lesson the hard way over last month. Always make sure you drink at least 2l of water per day (can be plain, juice or fruit infused water, but not soda or caffeinated drinks).

  • Manage your to-do list with a progress bar. Once you completes a task, it automatically moves to the ta-da list with confetti effects 🎉

  • Pomodoro timer for study/work 🍅

  • Breath with technique 🧘‍♂️ Trust me, you need this when you're drowned in deadlines or facing a big project.

  • Collect affirmation stickers over time. If you live in Australia, you can get irl versions of the stickers from Red Bubble here.

Video sample of the planner interface:

The app is out on iOS, Android and a web version here. I hope this helps you keep track of your wellbeing and improves your productivity day by day!

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